We offer hands-on one-day cooking lessons, or multiple lessons to anyone who wants to learn the culinary tradition of Italy in a warm, fun and friendly atmosphere.

Cooking classes take place at Villa Vincara, an elegant Italian villa of the early 1800s, located in the country, only 2 kilometres away form the centre of Deruta, a medieval town known world-wide for its finest ceramics.

Upon request, we provide cooking classes onsite at your  vacation rental.
The range of services we offer is wide, please inquire for the following:

Cooking classes for vegetarians
Cooking classes with Kids
Custom-made cooking classes for specific needs
Private lunches/dinners at our villa or onsite
Produce market visits
Wine tasting with a professional Sommelier AIS
Olive Oil tasting
Visits to Olive Mills to learn about olive oil production and taste the freshly pressed olive oil (November only)
Guided tours to Deruta pottery factories

We only use fresh products, directly from our garden or from the local markets. Besides a generous vegetable garden from which we pick the freshest produce such as zucchini, tomatoes, carrots and many others, we also grow a myriad of herbs. Fresh mint, basil, rosemary, marjoram, and thyme grow alongside- other less well-known herbs These unique herbs blend together to create mouth-watering aromas from our dishes.

“Vincara,” another Italian herb,  inspired the name of our villa,.

Classes begin at 10:00AM and end at 2:00PM, and include lunch.

Non-participant friends and family  are welcome to join us for lunch for a small fee.

During our classes you will learn how to prepare an authentic Italian menu, starting with simple but tasty appetizers, such as bruschette, topped with different sauces or the “torta al testo,” a local, Umbrian flat bread usually served with cold cuts (prosciutto, salame, and other regional cured meats etc.) or vegetables.

There will be two first courses consisting of pasta, risotto, or gnocchi accompanied by flavourful and rich sauces, which will be more or less spicy, depending on the seasonal ingredients used. We will also  explore a few, easy and fast-to-make second courses and  vegetables. We want to make sure to leave some room for sweets at the end of our banquet!