A love for good food and cooking, and the desire to encourage people to visit and appreciate the beauties of Umbria is what led to the creation of  ”Italy Loves to Cook.” Owners Zoila and Tiziana both come from a long tradition of hospitality in the travel industry as well as in the restaurant field.

Zoila, born in Italy and raised bilingual, moved to the United States for her graduate studies, where she received her Master of Business Administration from  Pepperdine University. She worked for several years as an account manager for one of the largest tour operators in the USA. She then decided to return to her homeland, Umbria, to raise her family in an environment that was close to her heart.

Tiziana, born and raised in Italy, is from the third generation of a family that has always provided great experience, love and passion through the business of hospitality. She has worked in the family-run hotels and restaurants since she was a little girl. Tiziana has cultivated a passion for good food and wine throughout the years and has become a sommelier graduating from the AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier).

Zoila and Tiziana’s long-time friendship, love for good food and cooking is what inspires these cooking classes, firmly rooted in the traditional practices of this region. Using only the most delicious local and fresh ingredients and the ancient knowledge handed down from generation to generation of Umbrian families.

“Italy Loves to Cook” is confident that you will consider these cooking classes one of the highlights of your visit to Italy!nel 1971, e ha fornito doohickeys di qualità al pubblico fin d’allora. Si trova a Gotham City, XYZ impiega oltre 2,000 persone e produce ogni genere di cose impressionanti per la comunità di Gotham.